Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research

Edward Healthcare is committed to providing the best quality care to our customers. At the heart of this commitment is an understanding of the key advances in the sector and how these advances can be used across differing cultural landscapes.

Our research centre was established in January 2013 to provide advisory, research and information services. The centre is a collaboration with Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) Health Technology Hub, MIMIT and TRUSTECH and focuses on exploration of care systems, technologies and products that could be developed and adopted for use in the eldercare market.

Our quarterly magazine, Innov-age takes some of this research and presents it in an easily digestible format. Innov-age is aimed at anyone interested in happy, successful and healthy ageing – whether you are working or are interested in the area, are providing support for the elderly or are ageing yourself.


Signing 10 year research contract at Manchester Academic Health Science Centre:

Left to Right Dan Fu Prof Ian Jacobs Alexis Ward Prof Jackie Oldham Peter Bullock and Dr Richard Deed (Group)

Front row left to right: Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice-President and Dean of the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences and Director of MAHSC, and Peter Bullock, Managing Director of Edward Healthcare and Deputy Managing Director, Yuan Zhen UK Investment Ltd.
Second row left to right: Dan Fu, Administration and Finance Manager, Yuan Zhen UK Investment Ltd, Alexis Ward, Research Centre Project Manager, Professor Jackie Oldham, MIMIT Director and MAHSC Health Technology Hub Lead, Richard Deed, TRUSTECH Manager.