Tian-Lai-Quan Spa Resort Complex

Opened in 2008 and occupying 40 acres near Qionghai in Hainan Province in China, Tian-Lai-Quan provides 2.5 million sq. ft. of living space for 2600 households. The second phase of construction was completed in 2011 bringing the total number of households to 6600. The site is beautifully landscaped with exquisite gardens and a large spa and pool complex. There is a full range of amenities and healthcare resource facilities on site. With dedicated onsite hospital facilities, roving ‘healthcare managers’ and comprehensive leisure facilities, Tian-Lai-Quan provides a sanctuary of peace, safety and healthy living to enable elderly people to enjoy a full and comfortable life.
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A retirement village, care home complex and holiday resort with around 2000 units, in Danzhou, Hainan.