In collaboration with our UK partners, we have carried out extensive healthcare research projects and heavily invested in the Chinese elderly healthcare market.

Our research centre was established in January 2013 to provide advisory, research and information services. The centre is a collaboration with Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), Manchester Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology (MIMIT) and NHS Innovation Hub, TRUSTECH and focuses on exploration of care systems, technologies and products that could be developed and adopted for use in the eldercare market.

In cooperation with TRUSTECH and MIMIT, we commissioned and completed an advanced framework for care management to meet the needs of the Chinese elder healthcare market.

We also invested £1 million to establish Edward Healthcare Management (China), which currently provides comprehensive first class healthcare services in China.

In 2012, Edward Healthcare (China) established the Edward Healthcare Management College in partnership with Hainan Vocational Technology college to provide a three-year college course for healthcare management students. Over the coming years Edward Healthcare (China) will continue to invest in the Chinese healthcare market as we look to grow our share of the projected $30-40 billion Chinese eldercare market.

Some of our partners


Trustech                MIMIT