Innov-age magazine Diabetes issue is out now!

Innov-age Issue 13 Banner Image


The spring issue of innov-age magazine has just launched, focusing on Diabetes Care & Older People. Our latest issue in 2016 shares a collection of articles from a range of experts in the UK, benefiting all those whose work relates to older people.

Leading this issue Anne Phillips, from the University of York, and Steve Phillips, from the University of Huddersfield, review current literature addressing the risks of diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, cognitive decline and hypoglycaemia in older people and the need for individualised care…. Read the DIABETES CARE issue here

This issue also focuses on The McKellar Guidelines for Managing Older People with Diabetes in Residential and other Care Settings, developed to help clinicians deliver optimal evidence-based diabetes care for older people in all care settings, and the DAFNE training course, providing training for insulin dose adjustment during sickness, exercise, coping with the effects of alcohol and eating out… All readers can subscribe for free here

Each issue of Innov-age features articles written by leading professionals from both within and outside the NHS, sharing best practice and innovation, helping to improve the care and safety of older people.