Edward Healthcare Supports New Initiatives in Elderly Care at BioNow 2014

Bionow 2014
Edward Healthcare’s Peter Bullock (far left), and Professor Jackie Oldham(far right), with representatives from winners, MRA/CATCH.


For the second year running, Edward Healthcare was delighted to jointly sponsor the BioNow Innovative Ageing Award, along with our partners at MIMIT.

This award recognises the use of innovative approaches to biomedical service development, equipment or products, particularly those which have a significant impact on the care of the elderly.

The winners of the 2014 award were Barnsley based firm HMA Digital Marketing and the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH), for their suite of mobile apps for the elderly to promote self-care, independence and healthy living.

HMA and CATCH took a broad view of the potential benefits to produce a number of ways to promote independence amongst the elderly. The winning approach can also be extended to cover the specific needs of people with dementia, and those who struggle with obesity. The winner was able to demonstrate that their approach will result in improved health outcomes, whilst offering affordability to consumers and cost savings to health and social care providers.

Special mentions should go to the two runners-up; MIRA Rehab, with their Exergames for falls prevention, and Hip Impact Protection with their wearable assistive technology, Fall Safe Assist.