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Falls and Falls Prevention

The Innov-age team are continuing to share their knowledge and experience of eldercare issues in this latest issue, introducing resident falls expert Emma Stanmore, who will share some thoughts on the reasons why we fall and how we might reduce or prevent them happening.

The team will also be able to share with you some thoughts on why we need investment in the social aspects of eldercare from the Senior Programme Manager of Nesta. In addition, Tracey Howe will share some of the excellent work being undertaken by the Cochrane Collaboration relating to falls.

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Innov-age is published quarterly in both print and digital versions, has been launched by the Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research to promote excellence in elderly healthcare. Each issue of Innov-age features articles written by leading professionals from both within and outside the NHS, sharing best practice and innovation, helping to improve the care and safety of older people.

Edward Healthcare is an established care provider with elder care facilities in China and international investment in healthcare research. Edward Healthcare set up the Manchester-based research centre in conjunction with TRUSTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Service, MIMIT (Manchester Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology) and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, to explore international care systems and industry best practice.

Thank you, Innov-age Team.

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