Edward Healthcare launches research programme.

Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research Established

Edward Heathcare has chosen Manchester as the location for ‘The Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research’ and has appointed Professor Jackie Oldham as Honorary Director of the Centre.

The initiative jointly led by Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) Health Technology Hub, MIMIT and TRUSTECH will focus on exploration of care systems, technologies and products that could be developed and adopted for use in China and elsewhere.

Peter Bullock, Managing Director of Edward Healthcare and Deputy Managing Director of Yuan Zhen UK Investment Ltd said: “Manchester is the ideal location for many reasons.  We are keen to collaborate with Prof Oldham, who is a leading expert in rehabilitation science, and to access the resources of Manchester University and Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), renowned for their excellence across research, innovation, education and patient service.”

“Having already worked very successfully with our partners in Manchester, we wanted to build on this strong relationship and take it to the next stage. The 10 year contract for the establishment of our research centre signifies our long-term commitment to investment and research into best practice in healthcare, and in particular elder care.”

Professor Oldham expressed her delight at being invited to be Honorary Director of The Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research. “We see this as a great opportunity for collaboration with China and sharing expertise and enabling developments in providing high quality care for elderly people.”