Innov-age magazine first issue published.

New magazine will share latest research into ageing

A new free magazine aims to share the latest research into ageing and elderly healthcare for the benefit of healthcare professionals, patients and carers.

Innov-age, which will be published quarterly in both print and digital versions, has been launched by the Edward Centre for Healthcare Management Research to promote excellence in elderly healthcare.

Edward Healthcare is an established care provider with elder care facilities in China and international investment in healthcare research. Edward Healthcare set up the Manchester-based research centre in conjunction with TRUSTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Service, MIMIT (Manchester Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology) and Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, to explore international care systems and industry best practice.

Innov-age is targeted at healthcare professionals at all levels, care home staff as well as carers and elderly people themselves. It uses the latest research findings to cast light on many of the common and often hidden problems associated with ageing.

The launch issue has incontinence as its theme and includes contributions from rehabilitation experts Professor Jackie Oldham of the University of Manchester and Tracey Howe of Glasgow Caledonian University, and continence specialist Julia Herbert from the University of Bradford. Future issues will cover falls, rehabilitation, retirement tourism and nutrition.

Jackie Oldham, who is also Honorary Director of the Centre, says: “A hundred years ago only three or four per cent of the population was considered elderly and this is set to rise to 25 per cent by 2050 – reaching 40 per cent in some countries. Successful and happy ageing is therefore not only raising questions for us but is also posing challenges for worldwide consideration.

“Such global focus and concentrated activity will undoubtedly result in an explosion of information making it difficult to know what to do for the best. This magazine aims to seek the view of experts and to summarise and share as much up-to-date information as possible.”

Peter Bullock, Managing Director of The Edward Centre, said: “Edward Healthcare is committed to developing, improving and innovating in healthcare. We feel strongly that sharing of information and experiences, whether from technology providers, care professionals or those receiving care, is vital for enabling positive change in the industry.”


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